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Meet "The Sanctuary" Team

Valerie Spencer, LMT

As a child I was blessed with a Mother and special Grandmothers that did cures the natural way.  I so enjoyed the various rubs including the feet.  In 6th grade I was diagnosed with scoliosis a curvature of the spine.  My parents choose to go with Chiropractic treatments rather than operations. 

So when it came to a career change in my adult life I thought I wanted to be a Chiropractor.  My chiropractor then suggested that I learn these other modalities this is where he did more of his healing from.  When he was moving away he gifted me a CrainoSacral text book.  A year later, while talking with my massage therapist she suggested that she did not have anyone doing CranioSacral therapy, and offered up an enrollment card for a class in Boulder.  I signed up for the class, and the text book I used for that class, was the very same one that my chiropractor had given me.  This then led into wanting to learn many other modalities.

In 1990 I started my journey of training in several energy modalities.  In 1996 I left the Pueblo Army Depot to follow my true calling to become a full time Trager Practitioner.  I established my business working out of my home in Pueblo for 17 years.  Making myself aware of cutting edge products, and techniques in the healing and health industry.  Then my dreams came true, and I opened The Sanctuary.

My vision for The Sanctuary is to go beyond the boundaries of just healthy living and to assist in creating a more holistic lifestyle.  The Sanctuary hopes that by taking advantage of our specialized services and workshops that it will make a difference in your lives, the lives of your family, friends and the Pueblo West Community.


Valerie Spencer


Marla M. Koupal, MAED, CLSC,
Certified LENS Practioner

I delight in being a resource for anyone seeking to support, build and maintain a vibrant body, mind and spirit. I live life with intention, integrity and joy. I love to create what I want and practice not getting “stuck” in the “what is appropriate” conversation.

When it comes to creating a career and livelihood my friends have sometimes called me authentic, humorous, tenacious, appropriately blunt, and lively. I define success on my terms and have created a work-life balance that leaves me fulfilled. I love “poking” at sacred cows, those long-standing points-of-view on processes and procedures that are repeated over-and-over again and producing the same results. My friends and family let me know if I have a “sacred cow” and keep me honest.

I can’t be a coach for others if I am not coachable. I work with people who want to take care of themselves, know themselves better, and understand what truly matters to them. I help you take inventory of your strengths and then envision and entertain new perspectives that can launch you out of the old and into the new.

If someone were to paint my life experiences the picture would have to include teaching young adults and adults in the traditional classroom, in the corporate classroom, in real-estate training centers, on an Outward Bound pulling boat, on rock cliffs, or at trade-shows. The painter would also have to include me as a mother, blogger, mountain biker and owner of two previous businesses focusing on sales and service. No matter the career or job title I have always been a coach, educator, director of projects and inventor of small businesses. I re-invent my services and careers (core theme of education/coaching) when my joy and creativity seem to wane. I encourage others to do the same.

Marla Koupal

Dolores Candelaria

Dolores Candelaria has explored simple 'healing habits' for forty years and has been a massage therapist for 33 years. She embraces life as a magical journey, exploring a wide variety of healing techniques for the Body, Mind and Spirit. She incorporates into her massage session and daily life, Young Living EarthKosher-Certified essential oils, Raindrop Technique, Energy Medicine, Tapping, Chakra Balancing, Polarity, Jin Shin Jitysu, Mudras, Reflexology, Vita Flex, Chi Lei Jong, Therapeutic Touch, and the Gentle Art of Blessing, and AromaDome, among other healing arts.

Dolores Candelaria

Cindy Tate NMT RMT

Cindy Tate has been practicing the healing arts for some 29 years starting with the massage license. In the early days a lot of massage, deep issues after injuries, closed head trauma, jaw misalignment, and much more. Many elements have been added over time.

Dolores Candelaria


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