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What Our Customers Say

I am writing this letter in reference to the benefits and results I have experienced through receiving massage and trigger point/cranial sacral treatments from licensed therapist Valerie Spencer.  I have known Valerie for approximately 30 years.

Pain and discomfort because of several injuries as well as general muscular soreness from activity and aging led me to seeking help.  Valerie not only addresses whatever issue I may be having at the time, she far exceeds basic needs for relief.  Through her natural intuitive ability, she is able to seek beyond the
isolated afflicted area arriving at the actual cause and/or origin.  She thereby is able to heal, diminish or at least relieve  for me the afflicted area more thoroughly.

Valerie is an amazing professional massage therapist.  I highly recommend her to anyone wishing restore a sense of health and well-being to their lives.

Nancy T

I love having my monthly massage treatment with Valerie.  She uses various energy works, Trager®, reflexology, traditional massage and soothing hot rocks raindrop therapies to make all my aches and pains turn it blissful relaxation and peace to my heart, mind and spirit.

Darlene S.

In the words of Snoopy of “Peanuts” fame “good news must be shouted from the roof tops”. 

For me the good news come via the hands of Valerie Spencer.  She has been my massage therapist for   8 Years.  I credit her for enabling me to maintain a quality of life in my (retirement) later years.  She is good in fact very good and Ilike Snoopy one must shout this message from the roof tops.

Joan H. O S B

Great relaxing massage and more!  Valerie always chooses the perfect modalities from her bag of tricks for my healing process.  Whether an emotional or physical trauma or just needing to relax, I always feel lighter with energy flowing throughout my body again.   Thru years each time has felt like a special gift.

Nori N.

I have been having parenting and child care provider classes and workshops at The Sanctuary for several years now and it is truly the BEST location I have found - bar none!  I conduct classes from Pueblo to Denver and beyond and by far The Sanctuary is the best for many reasons:  Valerie is always the most gracious and welcoming hostess, always has the conference room setup and ready for me to use AND it is quite a lovely space!   The office entrance area is very welcoming and peaceful feeling.  My only wish is that Val would open similar office spaces in the Springs and in Denver!

Tonya L.

Even before I moved to Pueblo for retirement 17 years ago, I inquired whether there was a Trager practitioner in the vicinity; that's how imprtant Trager is to me. I was happy to learn that Valerie Spencer was available, and made an appointment with her soon after moving here. What a blessing she has been over the years!

Not only has Valerie mastered all the higher levels of Trager but also she is certified in cranial-sacral work and numerous other modalities. Every session with her is tailored to a person's needs, which may vary from time to time. For example, she has helped me with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia
and with acute situations caused by falls, and has helped me prepare for surgery and recover from it.

All Valerie's ministrations are doubly blessed: she is a high-level conduit for Reiki and she is wonderfully intuitive--to such a degree  that I often wonder if she has x-ray vision!

Maggie H.


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